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Are you ahead of the curve and making slow fashion choices?

The slow fashion movement offers you an alternative to the current fashion industry model, a fast paced industry that is eroding our environment with every new trend to hit the shops!

Susie Murphy Silk Scarf

Slow down and choose slow fashion with a Traigh Silk Square


Each passing season, fast fashion subtly influences our decisions by fuelling insecurities and shaping our desire to look a certain way with its glossy marketing campaigns and endless carousel of new products. It entices us to consume the most recent fashion fads from the high street, whilst silently contaminating the environment in its wake.

Slow fashion's ethos seeks to counteract fast fashion by empowering you with alternative buying choices. Beautiful, timeless alternatives, which allow you to choose sustainable items of quality over fast fashion's mass produced, disposable clothes and accessories. The slow fashion movement endeavours to bring you classic designs that will not only stand the test of time, but will also minimise any negative impacts to the environment throughout the entirety of each item's life-cycle.

Keep reading to find out why it is beneficial for you to choose slow fashion...

Susie Murphy Silk Scarf

Classic Cut Scarf from the Midnight Silk Collection


Did you know that the fashion industry is the second largest polluting industry in the world? It follows closely behind the fossil fuel industry because of fast fashion’s toxic impacts on our environment’s soil, air and water. The mass production of synthetic materials, cottons, dyed fabrics, and a voracious appetite for cheap, constantly changing fashions are having unprecedented, detrimental consequences on our world’s most precious resources.

It is reported that the textile industry discharges 40,000 - 50,000 tonnes of dye into rivers and streams per year. Once these chemicals and heavy metals are released into the water system, there is no way of removing them without using more chemicals to break them down. All of this eventually ends up in the water cycle, a natural cycle that ultimately feeds into your drinking water supplies.

In addition to this, energy and water consumption used to mass produce cotton and synthetic materials is phenomenal! And, landfill sites are becoming increasingly choked with plastic textiles, such as polyester, which do not naturally break down at the end of their life-cycle. You can help alleviate this problem by choosing to buy less, and by avoiding all synthetic textiles and materials.

Susie Murphy Silk Scarf

Coral Sands Timeless Infinity Loop - 100% Silk Twill


Natural fibres like wool, silk, cotton and linens won't clog up the ground like synthetics do and they are kind to your skin too!

Are you ready to embrace the slow fashion movement? Or maybe you are already ahead of the curve and making conscious, slow fashion choices. If you want to help care for the environment by making powerful, slow fashion choices click here for 7 top tips to help you do just that!

You can explore my Collection of Luxury Silks, which have been inspired by the magic Scotland here. All silks are ethically made in Edinburgh and embody the slow fashion movement's principles and sustainable ethos.



Arisaig Autumn Sunset

Autumn is officially here and I'm really looking forward to some cracking Autumnal sunsets like the one pictured here behind Eigg and Rùm last October.

Here's a lovely little explanation about the linguistic roots of our current season courtesy of @susie_dent on Twitter: "A little linguistic fact for the day: ‘Autumn’ is rooted in the French of the Norman conquerors. Right up until the 17th century, ‘fall’ was a common name for the season, short for ‘fall of the leaf’ - as opposed to ‘spring’. It was never exclusively North American." Did you know that 'fall' was replaced by 'Autumn'? I didn't!


Luxury Silks showcased at Scotland's Trade Fair

2018 has been my most exciting year to date and I am incredibly grateful for your continued support and interest in my artistic adventures. This Summer has seen me launch my brand new Luxury Silks Collection, making its official debut at Glasgow's SEC this September. It was an incredible experience to showcase my new range alongside so many successful businesses and to meet some truly wonderful people.

Luxury Silks Presentation Box


The next important dates for your diaries are the 23rd - 25th November, when Edinburgh's art scene will be buzzing! The Edinburgh Art Fair is back at Edinburgh's Corn Exchange and I will be exhibiting with MGM Fine Art, a Scottish Art Collective that is passionate about capturing Scotland's vibrancy and captivating beauty to its fullest

Visit the MGM Fine Art website by clicking here.

Click here for full EAF event details.


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