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Discover new collections launching Summer 2018!

Wow, what a winter we have been having! I hope you have been keeping safe and warm during our recent blast of wintry weather from Siberia. Despite all of the chaos caused by the snow, I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to get out and play in this powdery magic over the past few days; I definitely did not think I would have the opportunity to ski out my front door in Edinburgh during the month of March! With spring unbelievably just around the corner, I would like to welcome you to this month's newsletter.

Cross country skiing in Edinburgh!

Latest News

Apart from city skiing, I have been busy behind the scenes working on new designs for my Luxury Silk Collection, which will be launched this spring. It has been a really fun but sometimes difficult process deciding on how to adapt my artwork to suit this alternative medium and deciding what paintings will inspire the silk scarf range. One decision that I can share with you just now is that some of the scarf designs will be a classic, square format made with the timeless luxury of silk twill. The next step in this process will be finalising the designs and packaging. I really can't wait to share these with you!

Here is a sneak peak at the colour palette from one of the paintings that will be used in a final silk design. Can you guess which painting this palette is from?

Silk samples

Monthly Musings...

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'Rayleigh Scattering' - Have you ever wondered what makes our skies appear blue? In this short video I explain how the optical phenomenon of Rayleigh scattering beautifully colours our skies the brightest of cobalt blue.

Winter sunset in the Pentlands

'Baltic' - My favourite slang word to describe the temperature of our recent wintry weather! What are your favourite words for when it's freezing cold?

Snowy Pentland Hills

'Winter' - I'm loving the colours of winter but for anyone who is wishing the darker days and wintry weather away, there's not much longer to wait now. Winter officially ends and spring begins in just a few weeks time: Tuesday 20th March to be precise! I've loved our recent snowy weather but I'm also looking forward to the longer evenings and beauty of spring. Are you going to miss the snow or are you excited to wave goodbye to winter and say hello to our next season?

Glencorse Reservoir

'Ephemeral' - Means transitory, fleeting and lasting a very short time. This ephemeral moment of intense sparkle was shot during our most recent snowy spell in the Pentland Hills. The shot looks down onto Glencorse Reservoir, which was constructed between 1819 and 1822 to supply Edinburgh's citizens with clean water. Glencorse Reservoir, however, is not Edinburgh’s primary source of water as it is fed by the Megget and Talla Reservoirs located in the Scottish Borders. Gravity's natural forces then take over and pipe this precious natural resource to over 450,000 residents in and around Edinburgh and Midlothian. Don't you think our capital’s residents are lucky to be provided with such fresh, jewel like water straight off the hills?

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