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New Year, New Horizons!

Welcome to this month's newsletter, I hope you have had a fantastic start to 2018. There are some exciting new developments that I would like to share with you in my January edition and it's not too late to take advantage of free postage on all online sales before the month is over. Keep reading to find out more!

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...New Year, New Horizons!

I am really excited to let you in on some new developments that I have been researching and working on this past month. 2018 will see me launch a brand new product line of one of my all time favourite accessories - silk scarfs.

Silk samples

The above photograph is a small selection of fabric samples that I have been investigating for colour penetration, softness and quality. By using my artwork and the best digital printing process I am committed to bringing you a high quality product that is ethically produced and captures all the magic and beauty of Scotland. I aim to launch this product line in Spring and I am literally so excited about sharing this design process with you as it develops over the next couple of months.

Free Postage

Free Postage JAN2018

There's still time to take advantage of free postage on all online sales before the month is up. Just enter the code JAN2018 at checkout.

Monthly Musings...

New Year's Day saw me take a deep breath and launch the very first 'Monday musings...' video on my new YouTube channel. It is a whole new landscape for me and I hope you enjoyed this alternative format. I will be sharing videos with you once a month and I am really looking forward to bringing you new material from beautiful locations around Scotland.

Keep reading for my monthly collection of 'Monday musings...'


Early morning winter sun in the Pentlands

'Apricity' - Means the warmth of the sun in winter and it is a wonderful word that never quite caught on. Apparently apricity first appeared in our language in1623 and it's believed to be an old word that fell out of usage. Even if it doesn't officially belong to modern dictionaries, apricity has a delightful ring to it and I love the word's concept. I hope we can look forward to much more apricity, don't you?

Snowy Pentland Hills

'January Blues' - January 15th is 'Blue Monday', the most depressing day of the year apparently! However, I'm not so sure because blue is my absolute favourite colour and January is a great month to get wrapped up warm and enjoy the great outdoors. The concept of Blue Monday was first publicised by a travel company back in 2005, and their claim was based on a mathematical equation that took various considerations into account. The factors making up the equation included: weather; debt; monthly salary; time since Christmas; time since failing our new year's resolutions; low motivational levels; and, the feeling of a need to take action. How the formula translated into defining the third Monday of January as being the most depressing day of the year is a mystery to science! So worry not, science does not back up this marketing ploy and Blue Monday can be a happy one. Do you agree? Have you been feeling the January Blues today, or optimistic and bright like the blue hues in this picture?

Snow on the Pentlands

'Snow' - Apparently there are over 400 words in the Scots language for snow! Academics logged 421 terms for snow after a study was carried out by the University of Glasgow to compile the first Historical Thesaurus of Scots. One of my favourite words in this online thesaurus is 'sneesl', which means to begin to snow; or, to rain, hail or snow very slightly. Do you have any special words for snow, or our recent wintry weather?

Stratocumulus Lenticularis Clouds

‘Stratocumulus Lenticularis’ - These brushstroke like clouds are a low level cloud which are only found in hilly locations, particularly areas of land that have very high rolling hills in large numbers. The Pentland Hills just south of Edinburgh are perfect for witnessing these thin wisps of water vapour. I love the way in which clouds can illustrate the atmosphere’s moods and illuminate colour as the the sun goes down, don’t you?

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