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In response to the challenges we are facing during this global pandemic, my aim is to help keep as many Key Workers as safe as possible whilst working away from home. Many of my friends, loved ones and fellow colleagues fall into this category and the lack of appropriate PPE being provided to frontline workers did not sit well with me. Because of this, I began to research and experiment with making washable, fabric face masks.


After putting up a post on Facebook, it became apparent that many people want and need masks. If you would like to get involved with making masks, I have put together step by step instructions for you to follow. Please do not be put off by a lack of sewing experience, I am no seamstress and am 100% self taught!

This design is a product of several days worth of research and experimentation. Please feel free to adapt and adjust the design to suit your needs. Click on the PDF links below for your downloadable instructions. Go forth, be awesome and sew washable, fabric face masks! 

The fabrics, threads and paracord used were just what I already had from previous projects. However, tightly woven cotton is best and you may want to replace the paracord with ribbon or shoelaces. I sourced the elastic, jewellery wire and interfacing online. If you would like me to send you details about where I sourced these from, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Big love and stay safe xx

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